Looking to Buy a Franchise – More Buyers Asking About Health Care Plans

If you have been laid off from corporate America, perhaps you want to start your own business so you don’t get laid off anymore every time the business cycle turns south. Indeed, I doubt there are few who would blame you at this point, especially since we went through a rather dismal recessionary, and unemployment hit 11%. Still, many folks that have been laid off from corporate America are afraid to start their own business because they realize that if they work for a large company they get health care insurance and benefits.

If you are self-employed this gets to be rather difficult, as there are not as many great programs for small business owners and individuals that run their own companies. Perhaps, this is why so many people stay with corporate America even after they feel as if they’ve been abused just so the company can make greater profits, meet their quarterly objectives, or satisfy their shareholders. But did you know there might be a solution to this?

You see, if you buy a franchise you should know that most large franchisors do offer healthcare insurance plans, and many of these are as good or better than corporate plans. It is true that many small franchisors with less than 100 units may not have health care plans that are up to par with corporate America but the larger ones certainly do. If you are thinking about purchasing a franchise and yet, you are very concerned about your family’s health care, then maybe you need to ask your franchisor about this right away.

Believe me, you won’t be the first person to ask, and it is a perfectly legitimate question. As a franchisor, I can tell you that about half of the people who were interested in purchasing a franchise, considered this as part of their decision process. So, I hope you will please consider this.